Sunday, August 30, 2015

15/32 Weekly Review

Every Sunday, I think I will have a weekly review of what I did in the past week. I'll just try it out, and let's see if this helps me organize my thoughts and actions and become a better financial blogger and person.

This week I ran only once this week, and it was pretty bad. 8.1km in 52 minutes. What is this? Old age? I won't be exercising this upcoming week either until after I finish a checkup on Friday. I better start eating right and exercising seriously after Friday. I have only about 2 months left to pass my IPPT, jeez!

This week I was pretty busy at work. I also had to attend the course, hence the lack of snarky posts this week. On the bright side, I did learn some interesting things this week and I've made drafts to write them out in the future already. I have lots of unfinished posts, sigh.

This upcoming week is the end of the month, so like most bloggers, I'll be doing my monthly update posts. I've already updated my portfolio holdings, so I'm just waiting for tomorrow's closing values so I can do the final calculations. With all those posts lined up, I don't think I'll be having any brainwaves to write much any interesting post next week.

We closed on Friday off the lows, but I still believe that it is merely a dead cat bounce and I am prepared to go against the tide if the opportunity arises.

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