Saturday, August 15, 2015

Do You Have Expensive Tastes?

I was actually halfway through a draft of this post when I saw this article by Just Some Thoughts regarding the exact same topic. That pushed me to finish up my post on this topic.

Everytime I go and eat my favourite wanton mee, I always think to myself, "Damn, my life is bloody awesome that I can eat this whenever I feel like it!". I always have a good meal and a good day after that.

For a bowl of wanton mee, it is definitely not cheap ($5.50 for a big portion). But when you compare it to just normal casual dining restaurant food where you'll be paying around $20 per pax, sweating a few dollars more is a price I am willing to pay to eat this wanton mee in a semi-restaurant setting.

(Photo credits to Johorkaki, please see for more photos and review)

Personally, I think that someone who is able to truly enjoy the simple joys in life is someone that is going to live happy. That is not a hard conclusion to arrive to. I try to live a life where I do not need or long for expensive things and expensive experiences.

Perhaps if I ever do get so wealthy in my future, I might indulge in absurd things. The point of money is so you can spend it on happiness anyway. But for now when I don't feel absolutely certain about my financial situation in the future, such things are just.... irrelevant.

I don't know if its a generational fad of if it is something people do when they hit their 20s, by apparently everyone around me is crazy about "diving" these days. It's not to say that I don't like the idea of diving. I quite enjoy the outdoors and nature!

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I know a quite a few divers. After looking at their diving life, I think the costs scared me away. First there are the diving courses so you can actually go out and dive. Then there's all the dive trips after that. Which of course have to be done overseas, so they are forced cum-holidays as well which means airfare and accomm. Then there's all the diving gear. Apparently there are dive watches too. My friend just dropped $800 for one. After that there's all the photography stuff. Every diver seems to have a GoPro. Diving is not a hobby that can be done alone, so all that extra socializing costs aren't even counted yet.

The reason why I'm picking on diving so much was because I was actually genuinely interested! I actually almost signed up to learn diving, but then I thought about it and decided against it. After all of that, I would probably only have time to dive maybe once or max twice a year.

This is just one example of an expensive hobby that I have decided against picking up. There are plenty of other hobbies that I will refuse to partake in. Golf? Horse-riding? Motor sports? Watch collecting? Nope, nope, nope. Travelling to foreign countries to take selfies with semi-famous monuments? Hell no. Why people pay thousands to go to a foreign country, take that selfie and then spend the rest of the time connected to wifi at the hotel or at the shopping centre is beyond me.

I'm not saying that all these things aren't great things to have. They are lovely. But these arent my #lifegoals . I'm not working hard in my life so that I can get and enjoy those things. I already know and am very certain that I can live an extremely happy and fulfilling life without those things or hobbies.

I'm honestly just as fine taking the MRT and checking the time on my phone. Bring me out to eat Eng's Wanton Mee. Have a nice rainy afternoon to read some chapters of my book and watch some Korean dramas. The thought of me being able to so easily do things like that and enjoy myself already makes me happy.

If only expensive things can make you happy, be prepared to be unhappy.


  1. Agreed. But for me home cooked food is always better.
    Going holiday oversea is tiring.
    Going holiday in my hdb is my fav.

    1. Hi Rokawa,

      My cooking skill haven't reach that level yet. I want to perfect homemade orh lua soon though. Health screening results sure plunge after that, haha!

      If able to enjoy home, that is of course one of the most wallet-friendly kind of "holidays"! Even better than staycations!

  2. Hi GMGH,

    Glad that my post has helped push you to finish up this post. If we are able to be contented with simple things in life, we will be much happier and our wallet would get a boost as well :)

    1. I totally agree with that and I'm working hard to tame my expectations and enjoy life for what it is :)

  3. Most of us just like to show we are "one-up" on our neighbours and those around us. Now what is the favorite sport the royalties like to stage/play?
    i like to own a Ferrari or Porche.
    Who doesn't?

    Actually i have just scrapped my Toyota Vios and then we feel quite happy to be "free of owning an expensive toy.
    In financial terms - "Free of Encumberance means free of worry".
    We are retirees.
    But alas it is not to be. My brother-in-law who intends to keep his 9.6years 2000 cc Honda offers it to me for free except the PARF value of $12930 (round of $6).
    Can you refuse such a good offer?
    There seems to have no 2nd-hand car market even for this car.
    Very sad for Singaporeans.
    Very good for who?
    i think you know.

    If i don't want to take up the offer he is going to scrap the car.
    He knows what a waste of money after changing so many parts of the car, including a new air-con.
    Now i may have to keep the car for another 5 years of COE after 6 months.
    Can a 10 years old Honda Civic use as a stake for one up-manship?
    Ha! Ha!
    Jokes aside, if some "stranger" offer to me on the same terms, i may have to think twice.

    1. Hi temperament,

      I think if I own a lux car I will stress out when driving around. People always give funny stares. Sure have people lie on my car take picture also. I secretly secretly rich can already. Honda also no problems, good to have options other than public transport ;)

      Wa I didn't know the 2nd hand market is doing so bad. Haha, if a stranger offer then you will think it's too good to be true?


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