Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hanging out with Giraffe Value

Today, Giraffe Value wrote a post where he interviewed a very handsome blogger, which is none other than myself. Haha, walao so bhb max. Okay, just kidding. I actually quite fugly, that's why I never show picture.

It's okay, fugly nevermind. As long as got money, got honey, right? (women are tracing my IP address and plotting my murder right now as we speak)

Anyway, jokes aside, since my blog is run like a dictatorship, it never occurred to me to talk about what other people might what to know, instead of forcing people to read the insanity that brews in my mind. An interview forced me to answer the question instead of rattling on impulse about whatever just sparked up in my tiny brain.

GV asked me some interesting questions, so if you're curious to read more about our exchange, head over to his blog and read his post!

I think I've got to remind people that I'm just a 25 year old guy stumbling through life. I share my thoughts publicly because I think that it might help the few people having the same thoughts and also because it helps me declutter my mind about that topic. It is not because I am trying to be a guru or anything.

I hope people don't get my intentions wrong.

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