Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Support the Silver Support Scheme

CNA reported that parliament has just approved the Silver Support Scheme (SSS) which will give low-income elderly a stipend of $300 - $750 every quarter to supplement their income.

To my relief, the report mentions that the elderly will be means-tested to see if they qualify for the scheme, and how much they would receive.

One of the main points highlighted is that the SSS is not a substitute for retirement income and it is only meant as a supplement.

Earlier this year, SingFirst (some random opposition party) came up with an article on how they would spend our money, which I dissected and wrote off as being fundamentally unsound ideas.

One of my biggest gripes was their ridiculous suggested policy of giving a monthly $300 "pension" to the elderly. You know, that retired towkay that drives his Merc to MBS for valet parking before he blows through a few thousand dollars? Yeah, he definitely needs your $300 per month, and we working age taxpaying suckers should pony up that money for him. Screw that shit.

Like I said before:
Shouldn't a stipend to seniors be means-tested instead of freely distributed to all? Like because all old people are poor? Of course not. It's to be fair (to all old people), but not really THAT fair (to the younger tax-paying population)? I can understand why children should have an allowance, to ease the cost of bringing them up. But free money just for being old? What's that all about? Means-test, and I won't say anything. By golly, make it even bloody simple to past the test, but don't just piss away OUR money like that. 

I think the Silver Support Scheme is much much more superior than the joke policy which SingFirst came up with. Did they go to a primary school and ask chewren for suggestions?

The SSS targets the correct demographic and there will be means-testing. This is a smartly targeted policy aimed to help those that need the most help, while being accountable to who, how and how much money is given. As a taxpayer, if I can see that the money will managed properly and I understand what the policy aims to achieve and how it will achieve that, and I think it is a good plan, I would pay for that.

I don't think that sweeping robinhood policies are good ideas, but this policy is well-thought through. I support this SSS and I think that policies like this are what is needed for our government to enact for our people in our country.

Not some kiddy-policy that paints using one broad stroke. Seriously?

Of course the haters are going to come out and say, "Walao, $300 per quarter? $100 a month? So little? Pui pui pui". And to that I say, no one owes you a damn thing in life.

Actually I wrote a much more angsty conclusion, blasting a whole array of things, but that turned out to be more of a rant on delusional self-entitlement rather than anything that has to do with the SSS.

I am curious to see what will be the effects of this policy once it officially starts.

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