Saturday, September 5, 2015

I've Decided Not To Care About Politics

As stated in #3, economics is politics.

Bad economics is bad politics, it's as simple as that.

All the different political parties can say whatever they want about this that and whatever, but I pretty much only care about the economics of it all. There are a lot of policies here and there being thrown around, but I think I've narrowed down to what I think are the most important ones regarding labour, taxes, housing and individual responsibility.

That said, I would not vote for a party that:

1) wants to implement a minimum wage
2) wants to abolish GST
3) wants to allow people to own multiple public housing
4) wants to shift the bulk of the individual's burdens to the collective (any sort of pooled funds)

There's a lot of fiery debate going on, but I'm just completely withdrawing from trying to change anyone else's point of view to align with mine. I was actually going to extract some policies from the various parties and critique them, but I decided to screw it. Why? In all honestly, I just don't give a shit anymore.

Sure, I speak my mind on certain things like the minimum wage and social policies. It's more of a way for me to verbalize my thoughts on these topics and make a clear stand for myself rather than a call for action and support. You know, so next time when I am supreme ruler of my own country, I'd know what to do.

As a voter, my single vote is but a tiny ripple in the ocean. This is very similar to the financial markets where I am a price-taker, not a price-mover. I'm no big fish and more importantly, I don't even have the intention of becoming one.

I've reached the next level of enlightenment that I don't give a shit anymore about which party is going to win and how many seats are they going to get. I'm just going to vote for whichever party runs the better race in my constituency. I'll be voting for whoever says the least stupid things and that ought to be good enough, I guess.

You know what globalization is. Does it mean that because I was born a Singaporean that I have to live, work and die here? We are not trapped and imprisoned here to live by rules and laws that we might disagree with. If you don't like it here, you can always leave. If you can't, you're making excuses for yourself. At my own whim and fancy, I could leave this island and start life somewhere else because I have been equipped with the skills needed to survive and succeed.

If Singapore's future is navigated poorly by whoever is in power, be it the status quo or the new kids on the block, the most important question for me is:

Do I stay, or do I go?

Many Singaporeans think that this island we live on is paradise, especially since all the FTs are trying to release the floodgates and invade our land. I have travelled to many countries. For now, I still like Singapore the best. However, I can easily see how it may not remain that way in the future if we all make some bad decisions together as a whole.

I moved banks from DBS to OCBC just because the interest rates was shit. We might have had some good ol' times together, but what matters to me now is the present and my future. Who cares if you were nice to me in the past? Are you screwing me over now?

PAP can win. Opposition can win. It doesn't matter to me anymore. If Singapore one day sucks and there is another country that is better, I'm going there. This could be either from Singapore deteriortating or other countries progressing. Truth is, the reason why doesn't even matter as long as there is a better alternative. How is this any different from changing banks?

It's really not that different at all.

To piss some people off, I shall end with a quote from SMRT Ltd (Feedback):
"I end this note with the hope that Singaporeans will now think rationally when deciding the future of Singapore. Don't oppose for the sake of opposing, and don't be blinded by populist ideology. I am not pro-Singaporean but I am pro-Singapore. I do not accept the definition of a 'true-blue Singaporean'. When we divide people into different categories and class, we are in for a downward spiral, and it's something that I cannot accept. "

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