Monday, September 28, 2015

Never do something if you don't have PASSION?

One of the worst advice that I really hate hearing is people saying that you should "always choose with your heart" and "if you don't have the passion to do it, don't do it".

Yes, I'm that downer friend that instead of immediately celebrating a choice, quiz about the alternative.

This brings me back to a time when I was taking a piss in a pub in NYC. Scrawled on the bathroom door was the most legit advice that I've ever seen.

"Don't take life advice from people doing shit with theirs."

Word bruhhhhhh.

Poetic words on a beautiful wanderlust background does not equal the truth. Unfortunately, most people who happen to have a tumblr happen to think otherwise.

Many times in life, you would be faced with a particularly similar recurring dilemma - do some shit you don't like which would probably be good for yourself in the long term, or screw it all and enjoy the moment.

Fuck salads. Pizza, fried chicken and booze, amirite?!

Life is all about being happy, right? RIGHT?

Perhaps I could model such dilemmas into a somewhat mathematical model.
Option 1 : Bite the bullet and take a hit for (-5) units of utility, but enjoy (+1) utility every year after
Option 2 : Screw it, #yolo! (+3) utility today

Pretty much half of life is making choices like this on a daily basis - between what you can do and what you should do. When you consistently pick a certain choice time after time and no longer consider the alternative, it becomes a habit. Do you think people are just born fat? Because of genetics? Er, no. Not for 99% of the population anyway.

Of course, maybe you're that special lucky 1% snowflake with some weird obese gene. You win! No... wait. You actually still lose.

If you think that the world is beautiful, bubblegum, rainbows and ponies and we can all just have a happy and blissful hedonistic existence, I'm sorry to break into that bubble of yours.

While simplifying life, don't make the mistake of removing reality from that equation (yes socialists, that's a swipe at you guys). Many things seem like a beautiful concept, but when put into real life, turns out pretty shit. Much like this post I'm writing now. It was a lot more convincing and less arrogant sounding in my mind.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to communicate is this: If you think you can do whatever you want in life and it's all going to turn out awesome, it won't. Hope isn't a strategy.

Saying how much you want it and talking about how much you "deserve" ain't got nothing to do with reality. (Personally, I'm even one step further down this line of thought because I don't believe in Karma. So I don't think that the universe is going to "bless" good people or people who have endured a lot of suffering. There isn't anyone keeping score and balancing out right and wrongs - in my opinion)

Life doesn't go a certain way because you hope for it to be. Life brings you there if you take action to make it so.

This doesn't only have to apply to financial goals. This could be for anything. Landing that job. Closing that work deal. Opening up a successful business. Getting fit. Staying fit. Maintaining an active social circle. If you want something, do something about it.

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