Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Non-Market Related Updates

Hey everybody, how's it going?

Recently, I've been swamped with work, so much so that I am actually bringing back work to do in the evenings now. However, by the 2nd week of Nov, hopefully most of my work would be cleared and I am back to a more care-free life.

I know that I used to post almost once or even twice a day, while recently it's just a couple times a week. I have 144 draft in queue, some are almost done and just need proof-reading, while others are just a working title and some reference links. I do hope I can get back to a more regular writing schedule when work simmers down.

I'll also be going overseas for work soon (it's an annual thing), so I won't be around for a while. Unlike previous trips where I had time to write in advance and queue up posts during my absence, I really haven't had the time this time around.

Another thing that you might have noticed about my blog is the inclusion of simple polls at the end of some of my posts. I understand that I actually have quite a number of regular readers, though most of them are happy just picking my brain and remaining silent readers. Rather than tease you out with questions or controversial stands (I'm not THAT controversial, right?), I've decided that including a simple poll every now and then is a pretty easy way to get some user engagement with you readers.

It does help because from my first poll, I've managed to find out that the vast majority of readers would like to know more about SSBs issues in a landslide 96% victory (80-3 votes). Thank you for your mandate, haha. (Sneak peek: the current bond is likely to be substantially higher than next month's issue).

Don't get me wrong, I still welcome comments. I have deliberately left open the Anon option so that people can communicate with me. Polling isn't my way of asking you guys to talk to me less. It's a way of getting the shy ones to give me a bit more input to work with. All readers, please feel free to jump in at me when I get facts wrong. As much as I try to ownself check ownself, I'm human after all and I make mistakes. Please call me out on factual errors and I can make a correction and that would help everyone else that comes to read to be equipped with more meaningful information to walk away with.

I'm feeling pretty cutting edge by sticking in a silly poll at the end of some of my posts. It has taken me quite a bit of effort to find a suitable website that can generate simple polls which can be embedded into blogspot, but I've finally found KwikSurveys that work pretty well. Don't worry, I'm not selling them to you. They are free, which is 90% of the reason why I use them, haha! Hint hint to other bloggers that might want to add in polls to their post! Don't say good things I don't share! For the community!

Anyway, since I'm going to continue being swamped in work, I guess the only posts you can look foward to would be the guess for next month's SSB, the results of the Perennial bond and also the outcome of the Croesus rights issue. Other than those hot topics that I want to share my 2 cents, I think I will be slithering away for just a while now.

Okay, that's all for now. GMGH out.

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