Monday, October 19, 2015

Smart People are not automatically Rich People

(Actually I had drafted this post back in May when I first saw the infographic, but I never got about posting it. I recently saw it again on my newsfeed, so I remembered it!)

And neither are rich people automatically smart people.

Just wanted to share this infographic which I got from... CPF's Facebook page. The government damn hip these days, got infographic and all!

I think this is one of the clearest and best illustrations of "financially independent". My favourite part? There isn't some arbitrary "retirement age". Financial independence isn't an age or a specific number. Financially independent people can stop working whenever they want to. They also can decide to work whenever they want to and on whatever they want to.

I especially liked how they classified the different groups. There isn't any talk about age or academic qualifications, it is all about financial intelligence. I like this a lot because I think it is pure fallacy to think that educated people will always be more financially well-off. There are plenty of instances of high-income earners not having the financial education to be rich. Financial intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with academic qualifications, and I think this is a very important point because a lot of people will try to use it as an excuse to continue bad financial habits. You don't necessarily have to make more money to be richer, you can always just save more money instead.

More people need to see this simple infographic and let that knowledge sink in for a while so they will finally be motivated to take control of their finances.

Now I hope that I can be at least classified as the financially smart group. One day I hope to be in the financially independent group.

I can think of awesome things that I would love to do all day instead of working. Maybe I could retire in the future and be a full time blogger? I'll definitely have a food blog, that's for sure! Okay, time to stop daydreaming now. Lunch time is over, back to work!
Currently, I am....
Financially uneducated0%
Financially smart0%
Financially independent0%

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