Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Interesting Relationship? Telecomms

While monkeying around with my Google Analytics, I stumbled upon an area where I can see the breakdown of the ISP that reader's are using when they arrive to my blog.

Boredom overcame me and I decided to tally up the statistics based on the 3 telecomms - Singtel, Starhub and M1.

The data is from February 2015 (the 1st full month I started using Google Analytics) and I am using data gathered from the 133,391 sessions since then! 

Interesting relationship?

The higher the ISP usage of my readers, the shallower the drawdown of the telecomm stock!

Of course this doesn't really mean anything at all, but I thought it would be a pretty interesting thing to share, especially since I actually made a spreadsheet to calculate it.

Okay, time to delete this spreadsheet, haha!


  1. Hi,

    Wow! This is a rather accurate breakdown of the market share in the local Telco sector. Hahaha! Singtel has the largest share, followed by Starhub and M1.

    1. Hi Dividend Knight,

      Do you know where I can find a breakdown of the their market share? I know that's the order of market share, but I'm actually also quite curious about the evolution of market share in recent years.

  2. If anything, it just indicates the breakdown of the telcos' market shares
    Interesting sampling experiment though!

    1. Hi Anon,

      Yeah, it's just an interesting peek! I don't think I can squeeze out anymore information out of those statistics, haha


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