Monday, November 2, 2015

[SGX Portfolio] October 2015 Update

As mentioned previously, this will be my attempt at having a monthly update of my SGX portfolio. I have also updated that page to include the historical growth of my portfolio. I find it personally encouraging to know I've come so far from where I started. Hopefully other people may be inspired and also decide to embark on their financial journey.
"The journey of a million miles begins with a single step"
Anyway, here are the current stats of the portfolio as of end October 2015.

Total Cost    $19,602.90     
Unrealized Gains-$1,150.45
Accumulated Dividends $829.52
Realized Gains$628.89

*Total Cost is initial purchase cost of the current portfolio
*Unrealized Gains represents the unrealized capital gains on securities still held in the portfolio
*Accumulated Dividends is the total of all dividends collected thus far

*Realized Gains will only take into account the final net capital gain or loss after including transaction costs to close a long position on a security. 

October is definitely a first for me. This is the first month where I did not make any buy or sell transactions! October has been a very slow month. All the news out of the tape were pretty close to expectations. While it has been an exciting month for bonds, the local stock market has been pretty quiet. A totally unmemorable month. I did apply for Croesus rights though. We'll have to see how that goes at the start of next month.

With Saizen REIT due to leave my portfolio by Q1 2016, the question beckons: What should I invest in to beef up my portfolio over the next few months? I like the thought of my portfolio increasing in value, be it because of a generous market or by capital injections.

Overall my portfolio is actually up 1.6%, with the dividends and realized gains providing a good buffer in the recent weakness of stock prices. Without taking dividends into consideration, I am down 6%. However, considering that the STI is down 15% and I've still been collecting dividends, this isn't too bad in my opinion. Even though my portfolio is performing no where near my long term expectations of 8% pa, let me be clear that I am not fazed by what is happening.

Annual income from dividends is now expected to be about $1161 for a full year, (I removed the forecast for Perennial Holdings) but of course I collected some and miss out others by not owning them the entire period. That brings the expected monthly income to $96.75 and daily income to be $3.18.

Based on the dividends I am expected to collect, my portfolio dividend yield on cost is estimated to be about 5.93%. I have taken the lower bound estimate for most of my counters, so it is quite possible to have surprises to the upside. My portfolio yield is dropping as I am trying to limit my individual exposure to high yielding names to spread my risks.

In the coming months I expect the Singapore stock market to continue to perform poorly. The STI closed this month under the "psychological level" of 3000. My current strategy is to just brace myself and incrementally add on oversold opportunities. If my thesis is right, there are going to be plenty more opportunities in the coming months. I remain heavily in cash.

What drives me with the sharing of my SGX portfolio is to show people an example of how one can work towards their dreams - with discipline and hard work.

Rome wasn't built in one day. Everybody has to start somewhere.

Where are you heading?


  1. Hi MH,

    Nice resilient portfolio you have.

    1. Thanks Yaruzi! I like seeing your portfolio updates too, it motivates me!


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