Saturday, February 27, 2016

About All That Trashing Trump Talk

I have deliberated over writing a short political commentary on Donald Trump. Not because I don't want to, but rather I feel that a lot of people on our side of the world have a very negative view on Donald Trump and his run for Presidency and I would get some blowback. Guess what? I decided that I don't care even if I do. The issue I'm raising should be pointed out by somebody.

Sure, he makes racist and bigoted comments. But if he gets the majority of the vote, that makes him President, whether you subscribe or support his views on certain issues or not. In fact, Trump couldn't give a damn whether you approved or not. Because you're not American. And he doesn't care about your vote. Because you can't vote.

A nation doesn't exist because it prescribes to some sort of universally accepted code of social and moral rules. Can a nation of bigots exisit, and can they elect a bigoted President and have bigoted laws? Yes, that can exist. Just because he doesn't make YOU happy, that doesn't mean that he doesn't make the majority of Americans happy.

He's not running for the most popular man in international media. He's running for President of the USA.

I was reading this article about Hungary's call for referendum to vote on the migrant crisis issue (or you can read the ZH version), and then it suddenly hit me. Hungary doesn't give 2 shits about whatever the hell Merkel or the rest of the EU project wants, which is for all member to be very "European", humanitarian and welcoming to migrants. Hungary only cares what its people want, and as of now, they do not want migrants to come to their country.

Yes, even Norway of Scandinavia, which is apparently everybody's favourite country to use as a contrast example about hippie things like "freedom" and "equality" is unhappy with this migrant situation. They are setting up contingency plans that is being brought to their parliament to secure the border with Sweden specifically to keep migrants from coming in (or you can read the ZH version). Broad support is expected.

As a democracy, if the majority of the people in Hungary or the people's representatives in Norway are against offering refugee assistance, they could (and Hungary has) build a wall around themselves and kick out migrants. Is it the "right" thing to do as human beings? Probably not. But can they do it if they want to? Yes, absolutely. Why not? If Hungary and Norway want to be nations that doesn't want to accept migrants, so be it. What does it have to do with other people? It's their own country, it's their own choice. The problem now comes from them being part of the EU and the EU forcing it down their throats (for Hungary, not Norway).

It might not be the "right" thing to do.
It might not be nice of them to do that.
But they have every right to do that.

I repeat, it's their own country, it's their own choice.

Would Singapore refuse refugees? Not only can we do it, we have done it. Multiple times.

Let's be clear: I'm not against migration, I actually think it's an important thing for Singapore otherwise we'll be in a situation like Japan where they just lost a million citizens. Migration just happens to be the topic, but the real issue is that people in democracies can vote for what they want.

And that parallel brings me back to Donald Trump. He might not be the perfect specimen of a morale and awesome human being, but guess what? That's not what he's running for. He's running to be the President of America, and if America has enough people who are okay with him making such non-PC comments about this and that as President, then so be it.

In all honesty, while a lot of people criticize Trump, everybody misses out how completely crap his opponents are. Perhaps another reason why Trump is popular isn't because people like him. It's because people think that the rest of the candidates are even bigger idiots than him. I would not disagree. Jeb is so weak. Cruz is so slimey. Carson is surprisingly dumb for a doctor. Hilary is twice as slimey as Cruz. Sanders is a socialist that needs to relearn math. Rand Paul was alright, Rubio is pretty okay too, but he just isn't that popular.

Trump might not be a "nice" person.
Trump might not always be politically correct.
Trump might not even have any good policies that makes sense.
But Trump could jolly well be President without being "nice", PC or smart policy maker.

I repeat, it's their own country, it's their own choice.

I don't know what other people see about Barack Obama. He might be a really swell guy, has a nice and funny personality, but he has namesaked Obamacare is one of the worst policies ever in the history of government programmes. In fact, Obamacare is one of the things that make me happy that I live in Singapore and not in the USA. There were many pressing problems in America that he did not address. Just watch Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and then tell me how many things Obama has addressed. Episode after episode after episode shows the absolutely ridiculous problems that America is STILL riddled with. As you can tell, I am not a fan of Obama's policies and lack of action to clearly visible problems. To me, all he did was smile and wave a lot, and then played golf. A lot of golf.

So as cute as it is to see so many of my friends come out on FB and slam Donald Trump for being a bigot and showing their ultra-modern views, tolerance and hippie love for all, it does close to nothing other than show people that yes, you accept gay people, and yes, you are not a racist. Congratulations. But there's still at least a billion people in the world that don't prescribe to your world view. Other than that, focusing on his actual Presidency, what are your views on his policy stands? Oh you don't know because it doesn't matter? Because hairstyles are more important than policies for a President? Right...

The very simple answer to this question that doesn't make massive assumptions on his intelligence or policies is that: people simply prefer him over all the other bigger idiots running against him. They are picking the the lesser of 2 evils.

Just to be clear, I don't feel comfortable with quite a number of Trump's comments and his oversimplification of certain issues (I have my own personal opinions on certain social issues), but can the man be President? He can, and he actually might be in the future.

If he does become President, then that's because that's what Americans voted for. There's your democracy for ya.

You don't need a famous figure of a foreign country with similar views as yours to win an election just so that you can feel self-assured about your own personal beliefs.


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