Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Escaping CNY, Bye Bye!

Here's my favourite Chinese song that for some reason, I only hear during this time of the year!

I've been pretty lax with my blogging lately, but that's because I've been rather busy in my real life and I actually shelved quite a number of pretty complete posts because I still need to think about it more.

Hopefully once I get back, I can settle back into a routine since I would probably only have just 1 or 2 short weekend getaways for the rest of 2016. That wouldn't be too disruptive for me, I hope.

Today I got a call from my CFD broker telling me that I'm getting precariously close to being margin called and I should top up my account if I don't want that to happen. Looking at the markets now, I'm back all the way up (since I'm shorting). I'll be holidaying with a large open short position on the US markets, but rest assured I'll be keeping up with the joneses from wherever I am. Usually I like to hedge / close out my positions before I go on holiday, but my feels is that we're going to get a big move lower. Then again, I'm pretty much the most bearish guy we've got around here and I've been saying this same old shit again every few months. 

Anyway, I'll be away for quite a while and I'll only be back after the CNY holiday. I'm a horrible relative, but I really, truly dislike the CNY season. Rather than just sit around at random people's houses and make the most awkward small talk conversations ever, I've decided to spend my holiday someplace where the lunar new year isn't a big deal and I can actually enjoy this long holiday.

What's more, my ticket was dirt cheap. That was the encouragement that I needed to ditch the family obligations and go off gallivanting alone. The airlines were basically forcing me to take this trip, I couldn't help it.

This will be a trip of many firsts for me (which is a pretty amazing feat, considering the ridiculous amount of gallivanting that I do for shits and giggles). Since this trip is solo, I should be able to give a better report of how it was, and especially the financial breakdown. My previous trip over the New Year was just too messy, dealing with 4 currencies, pooled money and even previous outstanding debts. It was a nightmare to do the accounting. Even now, I'm not sure if it's all settled yet, haha!

I wish everyone a happy CNY, may you all get fat from tidbits and make your relatives angry at the gambling tables! Huat ah!

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