Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My $30 Investment In My Health

About 6 weeks ago, I decided to buy a miband ($30.60 from Qoo10 with a coupon). You may have seen people walking around with this strapped to their wrists.

I have previously used the earlier version, but I found the band very flimsy and fragile. I had to use rubber bands to keep the unit firmly in the band, and also another rubber band to keep the band from dropping off from my wrist. It was a good product, but unfortunately the part of the band that required no technology in it was it's largest failing. After a month, I stopped using it.

I know friends and family who have gone on to get other wearables - fitness focused and not - from the Samsung Gear watches, to iWatch (which I hate) and even the ones like the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit. Almost next to nobody consistently uses their wearable anymore, with the main gripe being that it's pretty retarded to change it once a day.

When the updated version of the miband came out, I heard that they made massive improvements to the band (the part which I had the biggest gripe about) and also added in a nifty heart rate monitor. Although the heart rate monitoring is on demand, it is possible to hack the band and get continuous heart rate monitoring, but that would of course dramatically affect your battery life. However, because the hardware is already there, it wouldn't be a big leap in expectation to assume that Xiaomi might include a software patch in the future to allow users to customize how their band works and fully accept the reduction in battery performance.

Anyway, enough for the review about this band and it's backstory.

The best features of the miband are: long battery life (~30 days!!) and an accurate sleep monitor. These are the 2 main features that I use it for. It has to have long battery life to monitor my sleep, or else it would be like all other wearables that are being charged while you sleep (making it impossible to monitor your sleep!). Since I have gotten the band, I have been collecting data on my sleep and it has been helping improve my quality of life.

When I first got my band, I continued my life as normal, just letting the band monitor me. I found out that on weekdays, I only got an average of 4 hours 54 minutes of sleep a day!

When I went to my trip on Japan, my sleeping average shot up to 7 hours and 21 minutes. That's about an extra 2.5 hours of sleep every day!

After I realized how sleep deprived I was, I have committed myself to slowly change my sleeping habits. Since my holiday in early Feb, for the past month, I've been getting 6 hours and 6 minutes of sleep on average for weekdays.

Just that extra hour of sleep and I can already see the effects on my health and life. Now I am not so groggy when I wake up in the morning. I have almost altogether skipped my "usual" lunch coffee because I am no longer feeling tired and lethargic. I also have more remaining energy to be more active in the evenings, compared to feeling lazy and being a slob at home. I feel more rested and that added energy helps me to not turn down social gatherings and also skip on my exercise days.

Personally, my current goal is to try and sleep longer and well. I am targeting to hit 7.5 hours consistently on weekdays and 8 hours on the weekends, if that is possible. I got those numbers from reading these articles (here and here). I think it will take me a while to slowly adjust and extend my sleeping pattern and hours, but so far, I am quite happy with the results of that added extra hour of sleep.

Now the next thing I have to do is to make sure I stop skipping my exercise days! Gotta put that extra energy to go use!

I have to admit that sometimes I get too caught up in things that I lose perspective. Staying healthy and keeping fit ought to be a priority to me, and this is something that is important independent of your financial standing. I don't want to be that rich guy with health so poor that I can't enjoy my wealth. And probably neither do you.


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