Sunday, March 27, 2016

Saved Money by Being Lazy: Food Delivery

In this modern world, things are crazy and upside down.

On this long Easter weekend, I decided to spend my Sunday at home being lazy, watching some dramas, reading some chapters of my book and tidying up my areas.

Naturally, I was too lazy to be bothered to go out and face the frenzy of the long weekend crowd. Traffic would be bad, people would be everywhere and queues would be long.

No, instead I opted for the lazy method. I decided to order in some food.

Now, as many of you might know, with the arrival of Food Panda and other alternatives, the food delivery scene is getting a lot a lot more interesting. I found out about a $20 Deliveroo promo code and I had read a review a while ago strongly praising and recommending the delivery service. I decided to plug in my postal code and see what's available around me.

Wow, quite an array of decent food choices. I did notice that the food offerings were a bit more "premium" compared to the many listings on Food Panda, but then I also ready somewhere that they are a bit more particular about who they work with and the quality of the take-out food being provided.

In the end, I settled for a burger place nearby that would usually be a 10 minute walk away. I selected my food, keyed in my promo code and I was very surprised to find out that my dinner was discounted $23. $20 for the promo code for being a 1st time customer and $3 because delivery charge is being waived for this Easter weekend. Nice!

In the end, my $58 dinner (not all for me!) was kicked down to just $35!

Imagine that.

1) Not only didn't I move my lazy ass at all, but
2) delicious restaurant grade food was available and
3) brought to my doorstep in about 30 minutes.
4) And I got a massive discount.
5) And I paid my credit card (to add to my monthly spending).

I thought it was a pretty amazing thing.

I would attach photos and give my reviews, but I'm a finance blogger, not a food blogger. 

Of course, the promotion for 1st time users is always the most enticing. I remember Food Panda + ShopBack had a pretty sick discount on my 1st order. This Deliveroo discount was also pretty awesome.

If you have never tried these food takeaway services, I would highly advise you to try them each just once, along with a good 1st time user promo, so you can enjoy food that you like to eat, at a cheaper price than you normally pay, at the comforts of your own home.

I have to admit, both Food Panda and Deliveroo were pretty good food delivery services, but I don't know how often I would actually use their services. I still find it absolutely mindblowing how I can get food delivered to me at a cheaper price that what I would have to pay, without the hassle of queuing and travelling to the location. Of course, for some people the atmosphere and ambience is a very big part of the dining experience. To me, good food at fair prices is the most important. I guess different people are willing to pay for the different aspects that are important to them.

Any suggestions for other lazy food options?

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