Thursday, April 28, 2016

No Worries, It's All Hunky Dory

Unless the Straits Times plaster some headlines on the front page or the STI drops below 2,500, how would anyone know if the economy is doing bad?

I mean, obviously, it's not something that we can see with our own eyes, right? /sarc

How bad can things be with empty shopping malls?

I'm no undercover reporter or expert in retail, but many shopping malls look on the brink of dying to me. I've gone to so many shopping malls and wonder to myself "Are there more service staff in the building than actual shoppers?". I concede, weekends are still packed. But meh. If business and traffic was all that great, businesses wouldn't be closing. Maybe everyone is just walking around for the free aircon?

You don't need to look very hard to see empty, unused spaces as a result of malinvestment.

Cheap empty offices? Plenty of them, plenty of choices, all over the place. Not even that, but non-traditional offices are also becoming more popular, like hotdesking and colocating. Bootstrapping is the norm for entrepreneurs my age. You would be lucky to find a tenant under 30 who has the guts and ambitions to rent out an office space with whatever business he has.

How about retail? Shopping centres in prime locations with empty shop spaces? Strait Times found 19 of them. And we aren't even talking about those ones of the main shopping strips.

Don't even get me started on industrial space. There's plenty of these huge, mutli-tenanted facilities with dozens of small units just sitting empty. Every week is a "firesale". But who needs industrial space when demand is falling off a cliff? Take a drive around the industrial estates and see for yourselves.

Right now, I'm just working business as usual. I suppose if one pulls in enough profits for the company to cover their own salary, their job is relatively safe, no?

The stock market and global economy is one big yawn. The inevitable is coming. To quote Maroon 5, "even the sun sets in paradise".

Since I've been spending less time blogging, with less cynical and sarcastic posts, my readership has dropped a lot. It's all right though, no point coming here if I have nothing new to say. I'm no famous blogger, I don't need ad revenue and I do this as a hobby. However, I'm still pretty glad that I have written articles in the past that still generate a decent amount of traffic. I am a positive contribution to the world. Or so I tell myself. I sleep well at night.

I've been ramping up my socializing to front loads all those obligations of being a functional member of society because I know that once the shit hits the fan, I'll be busy back here gloating how I'm a genius. As of now, I'm that broken clock which is still right twice a day.

On top of that, I've been massively self-learning some skills and I've come up with a couple of small business ideas that is suitable for a freelancer to do in his own extra free time. Low cost (low risk), low skills needed, low maintenance and high odds of recurring income.

I have 1 idea currently in testing phase, ready to go live next week. I'm expecting to pull in a few hundred a year with zero effort on my part.

I have another idea (the biggest one) that I'm currently working with a partner. We're planning and doing all our research so that if we decide to sink in capital, our risk of failure is low, and even then our overall cost of failure would just be that small capital amount. That is going to take a few months to launch, but we're doing everything on our own as of now.

I have 2 ideas that have the possibility of working out pretty well. They are very niche and non-traditional, but there is a value-proposition and one of those propositions is the absolute rock bottom costs to my potential customers. Basically, I'm breaking into a market as the lowest cost solution provider, but I'm okay with that. The initial margins are low, to almost negative, but after the 1st year with each customer, all recurring revenue would be almost all profits and I've pretty much got them locked in and I've made for myself a perpetual revenue stream.

So, as you can see, I'm actually pretty busy. Screw these stupid ass markets. I've got lots of other better things to do than to watch this ridiculous shit show.

And yes, for all those still wondering, I am still short.


  1. Just to let you know I enjoyed the post :-)

    1. Thanks Serendib! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. would be keen to hear more about your freelance idea, thanks

    1. If it works out, I'll post about it!

  3. Are you opening a brokerage? XD

    1. Hahah unfortunately no, though a real decent low cost brokerage that isn't a custodian and can connect to the CDP is in need!


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