Monday, May 9, 2016

CMPacific Delist Offer

Just announced that CMP is looking to buyout shareholders and delist at $1.02.

$1.02 is not too shabby considering that CMP was last traded at $0.85.

CMP has been on my shortlist for a while, but it has always felt a bit lofty, especially for the most part of last year. Their rights issue was very sad for them. I was tempted in December for a nibble, but it kept tumbling and tumbling and by the time it was pretty juicy looking at the end of January, I had decided to altogether postpone making any big moves.

Personally, if I held CMP I would be happy to let it go. The fundamentals of China is not too bright and rosy and I think they have plenty more pain to go. Only risky players buying into the China growth story that entered last year would not have made a pretty penny. All other investors at all other times would have some nice capital gains to show for it, not to mention the pretty attractive dividends that they gave out along the way.

Looks like it will go through. With most other stocks doing crappy, pocketing a nice gain like this would appeal to many of its shareholders.


  1. Buy at $0.85 and delist at $1.02. Not a bad deal

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