Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Happy 500,000 Views!

Honestly, I am really quite happy and a bit flattered that my insane, potty-mouthed blog about me ranting about silly things have managed to be of some use to some people. My contribution to the crap content pile in the internet archives will be here for all to see as long as Google is around. Hooray.

Warm welcome to my notable readers (of course, some are not listed, too sensitive, hush hush).

BNP Paribas
Jpmorgan Chase
Exxon Mobil Corp
Barclays Capital
Business Times

And surprisingly, lots of visits from IDA. I suppose that's a lot better than from the MDA, so I'll take that, no complaints.

Anyway, just in case people are unaware, this is the Internet. And as such, we have the standard rules of engagement for Internet interactions. Comment section is open to allow open channels of communication, but of course I have my own house rules for dealing with trolls. I smite thee of rubbish comments!

That aside, apologies for the slow slew of postings these days. The market is a complete waste of time now, so there isn't much to comment about.

I try not to post for the sake of posting and racking up post counts. I think I have... 211 drafts?! Wow, I didn't think it was that much! I have a lot of posts that don't make the final cut because even I think that it is too edgey. So if you think that I'm a vulgar asshole on the fringe, please be reassured that I am holding back and there's a lot more where that is coming from. You are seeing the restrained GMGH. You want the truth? Well, sorry, you can't handle the truth!

Other than that, I will try to post on stuff that I observe or happen to hear about. I suppose it's interesting to note that people barely give 2 shits about what is the officially reported news from media outlets, and are instead more interested in the reactions and after thoughts of regular people (like myself). Most of the pieces that I write which attract lots of views are usually my thoughts and commentary about market news, rather than original research work.

So, here's to 2 years 10 months of blogging. May I never get bored of calling stupid famous people stupid on the internet for all the stupid shit that they do.

Happy 500k!


Observe the house rules.