Friday, May 13, 2016

In Good Company

Carl Ichan positioning is net -150%.

The legendary Horseman Capital has increased short positions from 98% to 103%.

Me? I'm still short. I've been short since November. In fact, my short position on the QQQ is still open and I made it on 4/11/15, which is pretty much the market TOP. If it is the market top, please remember how godlike and guru my market timing skillz are.

In January, I took some profits (a bit premature, unforunately) and piled into more shorts after that. Since then, I've been incrementally adding short positions in February and March.

Mid April was a very stressful period because I've been in margin call for a month and I was reaching my close out levels. I got through it, but I'm not sure if the worst is over yet. It did get pretty bad though.

Now I'm out of margin call (hur hur, what does that tell you) and I'm preparing to double down and re-leverage everything back into the market short if we break down under 2030.

I think my positioning has been very clear and consistent. You die, I die, everybody die.


  1. A small suggestion. Not a strong one. You can diversify a bit by shorting via longing something else.

    1. Hi SMK, I'm long precious metals, but I don't think it has a very strong inverse correlation. Other than inverse ETFs, what were you thinking about going long with?

  2. im short the s&p by longing the vixy etf

    1. Hey Joel, I used to do that and I made some decent money on that before.


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