Saturday, June 11, 2016

And That Catalyst was... Brexit?!

Ever since I graduated from business school and started learning about real world economics, one of the more blatantly obvious train-wrecks-to-be is the Euro. The other is Japan, haha.

Now, with Brexit become more and more of a reality, the market is starting to panic. I would surely hope so, I am still short. And yes, my broker is still calling me all the time.

The UK has to be one of the better and more well equipped countries to leave the EU and manage on its own. If I could vote, I would vote Brexit. I would be disappointed if they did a "Greece".

The Euro will never survive as a currency in the future to the level and strength that it has enjoyed. If Brexit is successful, it will encourage EU members to leave the EU as well. (FYI peeps, even though the UK doesn't use the Euro, it is part of the EU)

Seems like this slow realization of the complete failure of the European project is becoming more and more apparent to people. I did not anticipate that this would be the domino to start it all. I would've assumed that the financial epicentre of the next crisis would've originated in the US, not from across the Atlantic.

Being patient is tiring. I hope we finally see some proper action.

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