Friday, June 24, 2016


Time in Singapore is now 13.01pm on 24th June 2016 and the BBC has just declared that leave has won.


Just wow.

I am impressed UK. I didn't think you guys would have the stones to leave, so good on you guys.

The bookies and the markets are not impressed.

The GBP/SGD has crashed from 2.00 yesterday to 1.82 now.
The Nikkei is down about 9+%.
The USD/JPY was peeking below 100, but it has eased a bit.
The US markets are down 4-7%.
Even HK for some reason is down 6%.
Here on the SGX, we're only down 2.5%, so I'd say compared to other places, we're holding up.
The USD/SGD did spike massively from 1.33 to tag 1.37 though.

Yet on the flip side, bond yields are cratering across the entire yield curve in almost every country.
Gold is up 5+%.
Silver is up 2+%.

It's going to be hella interesting to see what happens next and how the UK and the US markets are going to open. The market is FINALLY becoming interesting!

The irony of this photo is that the majority of Scotland voted to stay. LOL. On top of the financial side, I'm also eager to see how the UK manages their exit from the EU.

We're back to living in interesting time boys!

And yes, I am still short.

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