Sunday, June 12, 2016

Brexit, Why?

I very briefly touched on this with my previous post, but I realized that close to nobody outside of the UK and Europe seems to give 2 shits about what Brexit is and what it means for the UK, and subsequently, Europe and the rest of the world.

Of course, this video is produced by the side campaigning to leave the EU. But I feel that the Bremain campaign is pretty... SHIT. So for the sake of objectivity, here is the top youtube video on Bremain (the video on top is the top video for Brexit... see the stark difference already?)

I was once again deeply impressed by the Swiss when they told basic income to screw off. They are truly a respectable and educated society. Now's the time for the UK. How will they do?

I won't be able to respect the UK anymore if they can't vote to leave. It's almost painfully obvious. "It all about love actually". What a shit logic. Seriously. If you guys in the UK fall for this hot steaming load of BS, then all hope is already lost for your country.


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  1. This is a good video that I watched before! The more a small group of PPLE is gg to control a big group for the good of the smaller group, the less likely it is going to work well.

    History has shown!

    Breexit or not? Hard for us to judge since we aren't British n not going through the real experiences.

    But one thing for sure is if there are too many beaureacrat, it is definitely not good!


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