Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Best Advice I've Ever Heard and You're Not Gonna Like It

This has got to be one of the best damn advice I've ever heard in my life.

And most people are going to disagree with it. Because everyone is special. And we all have dreams. And we should follow our dreams and passions. And never give up. Then we can live like rockstars and billionaires because we are just bursting and oozing with positive vibes. Because we are all special and unique snowflakes. Bullshit.  

"Reality to brain, do you read me over? Mission control, we have a problem."

This should be mandatory for all students to watch and then take a test on, before they are allowed to pick a poly course, a uni course or start a their job search.

As said before, I don't believe in following your passion. But Mike Rowe makes a superbly simple and iron clad argument: "Just because you're passionate about something doesn't mean that you won't suck at it". And he does make a point to explicitly say that he recognizes the value of persistence.

Too many people follow this absolutely naive and baseless belief that if they are passionate about something and keep doing it, they will succeed. Yeah, right. Sorry special snowflake, that ain't how REALITY works. Maybe that's how it works in your "safe space" where you get a medal every day for not choking on your own saliva, but that's not real life. People don't care what you think. They care what you do. Which is very nicely tied-in by this next piece on fairness in life.

As a supplement to general life advice since we're on this topic, this piece by Oliver Emberton is another classic article for the archives of humanity: The problem isn't that life is unfair - it's your broken idea of fairness. This has gone to be another one of the best truth bombs ever told. It is also explained and argued so well. Life is, as is.

Once you can brush off the notion of "entitlement", the gap between expectations and reality of life narrows and you stop being disappointed so often. The whole world planned and lined up that series of events just to reward / punish you? That's a bit... arrogant, isn't it? I'd be damned if it's true.

Everyone in Generation Snowflake should watch this video and read that article. And people have to stop giving advice which are just roundabout ways of saying "Well, look how awesome I turned out". Yes, stop stroking yourself in front of other people.

+1 if you know where this quote is from

Yes, I know, it's a bit morbid. But oh well. It is what it is. I didn't promise rainbows and unicorns.


  1. "Too many people follow this absolutely naive and baseless belief that if they are passionate about something and keep doing it, they will succeed."

    Absolutely naive and baseless ?
    Then what is not naive and not baseless?
    Like investing in the market

  2. Hi GMGH,

    I like the video last parting words:

    Dun follow passion but always bring it with you.

    It's like saying,

    Heads I win, tails you lose LOL

  3. Like the video in general. It applies more to usa today and worryingly Sg in future when more people who only "follow passion even though they suck at it" like the video mentioned!

    Perhaps we still need to know ourselves a little bit better on our strengths n weakness! What is it that we have or we can see that the mainstream do not have or cannot see to make us able to do much better. And passion must be one of the supporting factors, together with many other factors!

    So now, my question: how many of us suck at investing so far, but still think that we can follow the passion n go far? What is things u have, or u think u can improve much faster that others do not have?

  4. So then how do students decide which route to go?

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