Sunday, June 5, 2016

Today, Switzerland Votes for its Sanity

In my many places of travel, my 1 week passing through Switzerland left such a great impression on me that it is one of the very few places in the world that I would like to live in. To me, Switzerland is a modern, developed country with cultured and bright people.

They showed that they had an educated population when they smashed the ridiculous minimum wage referendum that was held in 2014. While the rest of the undeveloped countries in the world rushes to legislate minimum wages (and by consequence, legalized mandated unemployment), the Swiss stamped it out 76% to 24%. Amazing.

Now, today, June 5th is an important day for the rest of the world to look at Switzerland once again. Today, Switzerland votes for basic income.

Basic income would be a guaranteed monthly income of 2,500 Francs ($3,500 SGD) for every adult and 625 Francs ($870) for every child.

Nothing in life is free, and its absolutely crazy that such a proposal could reach referendum levels. I am hopeful that the majority of the smart Swiss will once again shove back this steaming pile of crap into the proposers' faces.

As one of the last strongholds of a sane population, please give me hope for humanity, Switzerland.

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