Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Free 5 Year Passion Membership and 20% Cashback!

Thanks for CNA, I was reading an article about POSB and spotted this promotion going on.

Basically, you just go onto their website and apply for this debit card and you will get 5 years of Passion membership free!

How much is this 5 year membership worth? Usual price is $15, but now it's $12. Of course, through this tie-up, it is free!

This is perfect for me because I've actually been thinking about signing up as a Passion member so that I can use their water venture facilities! Rental rate for adult members are half of the non-member rate! Just a session would probably cover the cost of getting a PA membership!

On top of this membership bonus, they are also offering $10 cashback when you spend $100 within the first month. If you apply through ibanking or through special roadshows, this $10 amount becomes $20 instead!

What this effectively means is that if you sign up for the card online (which is the easiest way actually), you will be getting a huge 20% off your $100 spending, as long as you can do it within the first month!

Just like the DBS Android Pay promotion, I'll be trying to hit this $100 limit, after that I'll just use it as my PA membership card.

Time to sign up for my own card then! SHIOK RIGHT?


  1. Brent Oil October expiry has gained 0.5 percent at $ 41.99.

  2. Lanjiao lah, renew need to pay...last time I paid $12 already for new membership

    1. Lol don't angst anon, I didn't purposely wait for my membership because I knew in the future would have some promo like this... it just turned out this way!

      These days a lot of banks and cards are giving out promos, just keep your eyes and ear peeled out for them, should be able to find something to save more than this $12, haha!


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