Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Free Credit Report!!!

I've a good lobang for all of y'all out there... FREE CREDIT REPORT!

Until 31st Dec 2016, you can go to SingSaver and access your credit report for free, which is the legit credit report generated by Credit Bureau Singapore.

They had this free credit report back in June, and I took advantage of it to check out my credit report. I had actually almost bought the credit report because I wanted to have a look at my credit standing, so it was just great timing that I could access for free.

By the way, my credit score was PERFECT!

So what's your credit score like?

One of the clearest indication of getting the basics right in personal finances is managing your credit card debt well. That's the one major minefield that if you've managed to successfully navigate, gives you pretty good odds on succeeding on the other areas of managing your personal finances.

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