Friday, November 18, 2016

SK Bullion Experience (Part 2)

Earlier this week I blogged about making a purchase through SK Bullion. Well, the delivery came!

So here's the little haul that I bought to add to my treasure chest of gold and silver:

1 X Canadian Gold Maple 1oz
1 X RCM Silver 10oz
20 X American Silver Eagles 1oz

The delivery came by courier and well, it's just like any other package delivery. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Gold Maple in a nice plastic case. I did verify that the ultra tiny year is printed in the Maple leaf, but I'll do a more thorough check on the authenticity of it again later. The RCM 10oz has the 88 serial number which means it was part of their Asian production, so that's cool too. the American Eagles are in their standard packaging of 20 pieces. Everything looked great.

It's hard to decide what kind of bullion to collect, but I've got myself into a rhythm and I think I'm going to stick with it. I have Gold and Silver Maples and Silver Eagles from 2014, 2015 and 2016. I plan to add the same every year just so that I have a nice pretty collection.

I'm honestly a bit won over by their delivery service. Perhaps SK Bullion might be my go to guys for physical bullion as long as (1) their prices remain super competitive and (2) their delivery is free.

BullionStar is still awesome as ever. With Silver under $17 USD, I'm deliberating about backing up the truck a bit and loading up a few more kilos through their vault grams. Maybe on Monday? Who knows, Silver might crash just in time for Black Friday sales and I'll have a party scooping up everything, heh!


  1. aren't you afraid of missing items during such delivery by 3rd party? or the company handle the delivery themselves?

    1. Hi Bruce,

      As you can see, my order wasn't too high value so I wasn't too worried. From what I understand, the delivery is fully insured, but if you want to be safe, there is a self collection option.

  2. I did some research. Gold coins have a higher spread than gold bars. What is your thought about this?

    1. Hi SR,

      Sorry for the late reply. Bars vs coins is a tricky question that comes down to preference.

      Bars might have serial numbers while coins do not, so if you worry about buying / selling your gold anonymously, this is a big factor.

      In my opinion, bars are also much more likely to be faked as opposed to the post 2013 Maple coins, which is why they commonly come assayed and gives me the impression that they are generally harder to sell than coins.

      I feel that coins are a lot more discreet than bars, making it easier to blend amongst other items and with less suspicion.

      Finally. I like that coins have a mintage year and I like to collect the different years although I know that in reality, the value is just spot value of the weight.

      So to answer your question in the previous post, I would prefer Canadian maples over PAMP bars.


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