Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Wins

That's it, I've seen enough to call it. 

It's a Trump presidency.

Back in April, I did a pretty simple prediction post. Trump wins presidency, rate hike gets postponed indefinitely and stock market dumps in Q2.

Looks like I was right about Trump and rates, but not about stocks. But hey, maybe it does dump in Q2, but in 2017 and not 2016, haha!

In February, I did a post about Trump and my 2 cents about the situation and voting process. It is still obviously clear to me that the majority of people in the world thinks that Trump is running to be President of the World.

Wake up ladies and gents, it's called the POTUS, not the POTW.

The sooner people understand that you ain't f--king voting in another country's election and they don't give a shit what some goddamn foreigner thinks, the sooner people can move on and deal with it.

Nasdaq is already limit down.
S&P is about to, or already might have limit down.

Gold is spiking.
Silver is following close behind.

I guess it's just my luck that I have US indices shorts and bond, Russia and gold longs.

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