Tuesday, February 14, 2017

GMGH is Back! 2017, here we go!

Actually... I've been back for almost a week now, haha! I've just been really really busy (still) catching up with work and also belatedly catching up with friends because of the tail end of CNY.

I was gone for 2 weeks, and I MIA-ed for another week. I haven't posted in 3 weeks! I feel kind of horrible for being away for so long!

While I was away, I tried to keep up with the Joneses and read blog posts by others and also news, but after like day 2 on my trip, I was totally out of it. I didn't read any financial news (not even ZeroHedge!), I didn't read any local blogs and I barely even checked my email (logged in just to check on my itinerary). In fact, I only got bugged about work stuff during the 2nd week of my holiday.

It was quite interesting to me, how something like finance, which is such a huge part of my life, can suddenly and so easily melt away and be forgotten. I guess for normal people, this is probably the reason why most people have no clue and don't bother about insuring, investing, etc. I guess if it's something that you don't think about... you really don't think about it!

Anyway, I'm back from my holiday and I'm recharged! I'm be doing a short series of posts about my holiday, then I'll get back to regular programming, but I also do want to emphasis on certain things, especially some lifehacks which I've started using which I think might be very applicable to some people.

My plans for 2017 are pretty simple. Just refer to my previous post! Yup, I'm going to try and keep things simple for me, so that blogging is fast, efficient and still enjoyable to me. At the end of the day, I'm not blogging for bucks, so unfortunately, I will prioritize my own comfort and enjoyment to that of my readers (unless I'm feeling unnaturally generous for some odd reason).

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  1. Hi, I read your "2016 in retrospect" and your financial achievements seem good if you live in USA. I talk about it because I live in Brazil and, due to inflation, interests need be higher otherwise you're losing money. In 2016, I accomplished my goals, but for 2017 I'm changing them, due to some new decisions - buying a house. :)

    Success in your journey!


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