Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SCB's Unlimited 1.5% Cashback Credit Card

Okay, here's the quick rundown.

SCB has just launched a new cashback card:

  • 1.5% cashback
  • $30,000 annual income requirement

Personally, I think it looks great so far. Let's look at current its REAL competitors:

AMEX True Cashback: 1.5%, no minimum spend, no cap, BUT ITS AMEX
CIMB Visa Infinite: 1%, no minimum spend, no cap, $120,000 annual income
CIMB World MasterCard: 1%, no minimum spend, no cap, $120,000 annual income
SCB Manhattan: 0.5% - 3% cashback tiers, $200 quarter cap

Personally, I'm getting really, really sick of jumping through hoops and doing little dances for the banks so that they toss me some interest rate bonuses. The one that I hate the most is a minimum amount of monthly credit card spending. 

This card is perfect for:
  • your first starting credit card
  • people with erratic spending habits (as opposed to regularly spending habits)
  • people who don't want to be stress to spend MORE to earn back SOME 
  • people who want to simplify their life

With the bloody simple features of the card, eating free cashback has never been easier and better.

I personally like the EZ-reload feature. From what I understand, there is a $0.25 charge, but you earn back $0.75 as cashback, so you actually get $0.50 for every $50 top-up. If you have never linked your EZ link card for automated top-ups, then you are living in the dark ages. Automated top up is the best shit in the world. I can't even remember the last time I had to queue up to put money in my EZ Link card. I had always thought only tourists and ignorant people do that, but I actually realized that most people are either ignorant about it, or are too lazy to set it up. Mmm.... okay. What can I say to that? Lol.

For people with no credit card with SCB before, sign up and get freaking $138 cash rebate!!!
For people with a SCB card already, sign up and still get $20. Well, better than nothing, right?

With all the banks making me dance like a crazy monkey to qualify for some meager cashback, it's products like these that remind me that personal finance can be both simple and rewarding.

Want a fuss-free way to manage your finances? Get a CIMB Fast Saver account and pair it up with this SCB Cashback card. You'll be looking at 1% interest to your bank balance and 1.5% reduction to your expenses because of the cashback.

Sometimes simplicity and peace of mind is worth paying for, wouldn't you agree?


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