Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Reminder: Gold has better cashflow than bonds of these 13 countries

As much as a crypto fanatic that I've recently been, one of my first true loves in Gold.

With Gold at $1320 and Silver at $17.40, I've got no complaints.

Hopefully looking at $24 silver in December, and of course, I hope gold is coming along for the ride. Let's see how this goes.


Off topic:

By the way, cryptos are heating uppp. At a $165b market cap right now, things are looking very precarious here. Although I'm balls in deep into crypto, I think people should already know by now that I'm at over 100% profits, so if the entire crypto market comes crashing down 50%, I would STILL be in profits.

Jumping into crypto is definitely not advisable unless you know what you're doing, the risks that you are taking and can obviously bear the cost of losing it all.

Then again, people thought that Gold would keep falling in price until the only people bidding them up were jewellers and dentists. That never did happen, did it?


  1. Can please say something about the account i open and i hold my bitcoin in coinhako, are they safe? or like what i read else where that i must buy a hard wallet to store them. I am on 2FA now as this deem safe enough? Hope you get what I am trying to get across to you.
    Thanks for this in advance and advice.

    peter again,

    1. Hi Peter,

      CoinHako SHOULD be safe enough with 2FA. However, there is always the risk that the company itself might be hacked and the coins all customers might be stolen. All 3rd party exchanges have that risk. There is also a risk of closure and increased risk of phishing and scam attacks.

      The safest way to store coins is to keep them on a hardware wallet in your possession. Downside is that it is costly, making transfers to yourself to hold the coins has costs and also sending back to the exchange to eventually sell will have costs.

      Whether 2FA is safe enough is up to your own assessment.

      75% of my personal crypto are in a hardware wallet, while the rest is in 2FA secured accounts and a small portion has less security.



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