Monday, September 25, 2017

"Ponzi" Scheme still profitable

My alleged investments into "ponzi" schemes have been working quite well lately.

Even with the massive market crash of Aug where everything dropped 40-50%, my portfolio is still holding onto gains very strongly.

Yes, this "ponzi" scheme has managed to sucker plenty of Fortune 500 companies to endorse its technology, including the noob likes of well known illegitimate scam companies such as BP, Microsoft, CME Group, Reuters, Intel, Deloitte, State Street and Samsung. Even many beloved banks seem to have been suckers into this "ponzi", such as Credit Suisse, ING, MUFG, JP Morgan, National Bank of Canada, Rabobank, Santandar and UBS.

The level of the scam is so high that even governments such as Japan and Korea have been conned to regard theses "ponzi" tokens as legal. Oh wait, Singapore and Switzerland too? And so many other countries too?!

Apparently even Kakao is going to list cryptos for the run-of-the-mill Korean to get suckered into making these "ponzi" investments also.

Oh dear lord, how have so many people been suckered by this massive ponzi scheme?

The scale of this "ponzi" is too big. This has got to stop!

Tell Trump. Build Wall. Need UN assistance. Sum1 plz halp. Call 999 kthx. 


Sure, most of the companies are using private strains of the Eth blockchain. But this is just the ETH ecosystem, there are plenty of other cryptos that have partnerships, links and even actual adoption and usage by real world companies.

Governments and regulators are all taking heed of this because the size of the projected future of it is too big that it can no longer be ignored without them being viewed as completely incompetent.

Official stances have completely shelved the "is it a scam?" debate and the answer is a resounding no. Now the debate continues with "is it a currency? an asset? a security?" and most importantly "what next?".

I think many have realized the futility of trying to stop or ban something that was created with the special and specific trait to be ban-resistant.

Cryptos can never be banned and they cannot be stopped. It's not an easy job for people to figure out how to leverage on these technologies and how to integrate them into existing frameworks without contradicting existing rules.

Anyway, the biggest "ponzi" scheme in my opinion is the fiat system that we were all born and enslaved to. If crypto is a ponzi scheme, please tell me how that sweet sweet fiat / USD is holding up for you in terms of purchasing power?

All fiat have a terminal value of nothing. It's not my opinion. This is a historical fact.

(*insert smart alec comment* - Hey give me all your fiat then since you think it's worthless kek. 
Reply: It's mostly in cryptos already, sorry. I'll be happy to trade you my precious fiat for your worthless cryptos over on the exchanges)

I wonder what happens if someone plots the chart of crypto purchasing power compared to USD / some other fiat purchasing power? USD declining and cryptos increasing, I'd bet.

Here's a start: Use this calculator to find out how much you *would* have made if you had just bought a small amount of cryptos every month.

Part 2: Now cry wishing you had knew about cryptos a few years ago.

Part 3: Now the year is 2020, cry even harder while looking at how much it would have been worth if you had bought some cryptos on 25/9/2017.


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