Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Bitcoin is in a BUBBLE?!?!

Do you own any bitcoins?

Do you know how to buy any bitcoins?

Do you know anyone that owns any bitcoins?

Do you know anyone that has invested more than "play money" into bitcoin?

Are you planning on buying any bitcoins?

Do any of the people that call bitcoin a bubble: have any, used any or know how it works?

So bitcoin is in a bubble?
Please, tell me more.

(It's easy for me to be this cocky with crypto pushing all time highs. But then again, it has been doing so all year, and I believe it will continue doing so for quite a while.

To be fair, I am expecting a correction in the crypto space soon, but its because of profit taking and whale fighting in preparation for futures, NOT from a "bubble" bursting.)


  1. Will the CME guys short the bitcoin prices when they start coming in on 11 Dec? They don’t plan to hodl though

    1. Bitcoin has been shortable since forever. If they short, I can only foresee a short term victory because they will all get margin called.

      Someone might be going rouge and buying BTCs to manipulate the price when futures finally launch, but I doubt their effectiveness.

  2. Hi GMGH,

    It's in it correction phase now :)

    I see that there's still more to go. That crazy pump from 10k to 11k is really sick. If it doesn't correct, a real bubble is coming up LOL!

    1. Hi sleepydevil,

      It sure looks like it. I'm glad it happened.... but it seems over already?! 20% drop on ETH and 25% drop in BTC overnight, but all recovered already? Lol, crypto volatility isn't for the weak hearted, haha.

      I was hoping for some deeper, along the lines of a sustained 30-40% drop... maybe we'll get one soon haha.


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