Friday, November 10, 2017


It's a crypto meme, but I thought I'd just use it since I've gone full crypto-retard anyway, hue hue.

So I see that now at market ATHs, some markets are showing bad signs, especially with junk bonds leading the way, the usual leading indicator.

I seriously hope that these cracks really lead to what I've been waiting for. Yes, I am a financial asshole.

The stock market is a ridiculous shit show for the last few years that I had been forced to play with. I hated playing it, but there was no other game in town.... that I knew of.

Insane valuations for so many stupid companies. SNAP FREAKING CHAT? TWITTER? GO "CAMERA ON A STIK" PRO? I can't even. It's an insult to my intelligence. The whole US stock market is an entire joke.

Bitcoin is a bubble? Please, look at the damn US stock market and tell me that it ISN'T in a bubble.

Ever since I discovered crypto and realized that I actually have LESS risk with MORE reward in crypto compared to the stock markets, I put my money where my mouth is at and I exited almost all of my stocks, unit trusts and bonds.

And of course, like the brazen young fool that I am, I plowed it all into crypto, and I've no regrets so far.

My past few months of investing in crypto has SIGNIFICANTLY more returns than the rest of my investing career. It's sounds crazy, because it is crazy.

Sure, it could all go poof because it's just magical internet money backed by nothing, right? Lol. 90% of you guys STILL don't get what crypto is, and that's okay. By the time the majority of people finally do get it, or roughly understand it enough to know that its legitimate enough to buy into, I'll already be a full-fledged millionaire. I'm confident by the time I'm 35, easy peasy. It sounds ridiculous even saying things like this, but really you have no idea how freely the money flows in crypto land.

I know so many of my friends who are bankers, yet ALL of them have zero clue about cryptos. It's not that they aren't smart. These people are probably the smartest people I've ever met. It is that they have never even bothered to give it a serious look with all the tulip-bubble mainstream media shit talking.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want people flooding into cryptos without knowing what they are doing. However, what I do want to change is the perception that cryptos are poofy worthless unbacked internet magic money. It saddens me when I hear very intelligent friends I know just write off the whole thing as tulip-bubbles.

Anyway, whatever. I eat the cake I bake. And you don't eat the cake that you don't bake. If cryptos crash, so be it. It's not like I don't know that this is the risk of going into cryptos. But in this short span of a few months, I've already been through 40-80% crashes more than 5 times already. And if you guys know me, you also know that I have freaking big balls of steel and damn stronk (not a typo) hands. I have to attribute my dip buying and holding skills to investing in gold for all these years.

The future for cryptos keeps looking brighter and brighter, and my portfolio along with it.

You guys can never say that I had a good thing that I didn't share.

But seriously, the stock market is looking toppy af. I'd short the shit out of it if I didn't have crypto.


Good luck with stocks guys. If you are looking for something less risky (but more volatile) with strong fundamentals, please consider learning more about crypto, lol.

Okay enough trolling. Good night for now.


  1. BTFD baby!!! Yeah I'm talking about the SM! LOL!

    Hey I got some BTC & ETH too ... but we just need a 15% correction in SM for the flight-to-cryptos...

    If there's a 60%-80% crash in SM you can bet your ass cryptos are gonna crash & burn too.

    1. Hi Anon,

      I don't really feel that the stock market has much correlations to crypto prices at all.

      If anything, it would be inversely correlated as hedge funds with access cycle out of stocks and into cryptos. However, this is extremely unlikely and extremely rare, given the amount of HFs with the trinity of access, knowledge and mandate to do so.

      I'm skeptical of a 60-80% market crash, and how it would affect crypto prices in the long run, but all things considered, it would be extremely bullish fundamentals in such a situation!

  2. Congrats on making so much money friend.

    But with anything else, it is best not to count the eggs before it hatches. Congrats once again :)

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks! Sometimes when I wake up and see my portfolio and the ridiculous profit, I feel like I should "make my eggs hatch" by selling off everything and just calling it a day. It'd take me about 20 minutes to liquidate everything. Crypto doesn't sleep, its 24/7, I could even do it right now. I'd blog about the whole experience, what I bought and why, and it'd be a pretty fun learning experience for everyone.

      And then... I deploy my money back into the traditional markets?

      That's the thing that gets me stuck every time. I have so much uncertainty and doubt of so many things regarding traditional investing in the long run. Sometimes I'm not sure if this is the normal uncomfortable feeling of being invested into risk assets - the uneasiness and cost of 7% pa. So many things look so unsustainable to me and it gets even worse once you look at debt (the no. of countries with balanced budgets and reducing national debt are a rarity). Of course, the market can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent.

      On the flip side, I understand the technology and the fundamental reasons behind the growth of crypto. They solve many major problems, unlimited money supply and the need and high costs of third party intermediaries being the easiest two to address. Quite a large number of businesses are run better, cheaper and faster when adopting blockchain technology.

      I really have to admit that I'm the earliest 1% into this game and it's definitely still going to still be a bumpy ride. I'm fully expecting further crashes of 40-80% along the way, but volatility isn't really risk if you have the ability to wait it out while it returns back to fundamental value.

      I hope one day in the future when crypto gains a better perception of legitimacy, I would be able to see you and other bloggers write about it :) This path I walk now is very cold and loney, haha

  3. OK part of me wants to believe you and the other's screaming "YHBT!" =P

    1. Haha, we'll see. I honestly don't have a clue, but I really wouldn't want to be invested at these levels. And I'm not :)

  4. nice post and blog g. welcome to the dark side joining the crypto community. i think you've made an enormous impact to the channel there, sharing with everyone your colorful personality through your insightful views and well thought-out ideas and trades. i continue to look forward to reading your posts each day. may all your crypto endeavours lead you to a future of huat and multitude happiness :). m.d.

    1. Thank m.d. it's good to have a community to crowd source and verify facts and happenings in the space. Never knew the local community was so happz until I joined! Will continue contributing until I get stupidly rich XD

  5. Nice read. It gets kinda cold and lonely walking the crypto path.


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