Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2H 2017 Crypto Portfolio Performance

The quick and easy number?


The math is a simple one, I'm too damn lazy to count XIRR. It would be a ridiculous number like 800% or something anyway. ( Current Unrealized + Realized Profits ) / ( Capital Invested ) = Returns

I'll give you guys the facts:

I bought my FIRST crypto on 9 June 2017.
I've been invested in cryptos for 6 months and 10 days.
I was very lightly allocated initially, but my allocation increased heavily towards the end of August.

The median date that I allocated my capital was 2 September 2017 (ie. half was before, half was after). I did say that on 23 August I'll be going all-in crypto. I'll leave it up to you to speculate how much I actually put in.

My worst closed position was +5%.
My best closed position was +968%.

My worst open position is my ONLY negative position and it is at -4.3%
My best open position is at 842%.

I have taken part in 4 ICOs.
I have made money in all of them. No duds, heh.

Obviously, my most current positions are doing the worst. All my "old" (relatively, especially in this fast moving market) positions are deep in the money.

If I wanted to window dress my portfolio, I would have stopped adding capital. All my new capital is weighing down on my portfolio returns heavily. However, I don't care about window dressing my portfolio to make it look like I'm a genius and savvy crypto investor. I'm not. I care about making money and that means I need to put my capital to work.

Most other people in crypto would have portfolio returns much higher than mine, even though they have been in it shorter. I'm not complaining. Those people probably took riskier bets than I did and they were rewarded for it.

I'm in it for the long haul, so I have not used any leverage and I have never gone short anything. I pick cryptos that I like fundamentally and I avoid shitcoins the best I can.

So far, so good.

I'm so deep in profits right now that even if this alleged crypto bubble bursts, it needs to tank more than 70% to even touch my capital. It might happen - over my dead body.

Crazy mania tulip bubble ponzi fraud? Going fantastically well.

Am I an idiot for doing this? Well, at least for now, I'm still an idiot that is making money.

You wouldn't want to get your hands dirty touching this ponzi bubble right? LISTEN TO UNCLE WARREN. BUFFET KNOWS BEST. Now sit back and watch me get rich.

PSA: Cryptos are dangerous af. Don't play with shit that you don't know.


  1. Please share what holdings you have, ICOs that you are going to take part in and alt coins that you hve bought next time.

    Still learning and currently bought little into ethereum and litecoin.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, I will share my holdings in a future post.

      There are no ICOs that I am planning to take part in as of now.

  2. Sharing a couple of my own favs...http://qryptolion.blogspot.co.id

    1. Hi Qrypto Lion, I read your posts. I'm not bullish on QASH at all, haha. See you on the crypto front lines!

  3. Congrats on your profits! What do you think about this new ico naga coin, by a listed german company?

    1. Never heard of it.

      Could be great - an undervalued, underhyped, novel idea.
      Could also be terrible - no marketing, no hype, bad idea.

      I do not plan on taking part in any ICOs unless its a screaming buy. There is really too much toxic shit floating around. Many ICOs have underperformed just simply holding ETH itself.

      Proceed with extreme caution.

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