Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Cryptmas Gift!

Merry Cryptmas!

Ehehehe. You know me, I love my stupid, "how is that even related" gifs!

It's Christmas, so sexy elfs dancing! Isn't that acceptable?

Okay Billy Bob, chill out!

Anyway, this Cryptmas I wanted to give away my favourite crypto trade idea.

DigixDAO (DGD)

Unfortunately, I am NOT going to explain or tell you why I think that it is such a fantastic trade idea... yet.

I'm just putting this idea now as a timestamp of my genius (or also how I screwed up big time).

I have mentioned it several times in my blog before though. They are creating a stablecoin based on gold, which is extremely important in the crypto ecosystem.

For full disclosure, I hold a shit ton of it. Like, a lot. A lot. Alot. My biggest holding, more than BTC, more than ETH.

If you think I'm not shilling this for my own benefit and I genuinely want to share what I believe is the best trade of 2017 for 2018, then you should do your own diligence and research into this extremely overlooked crypto. I think that you will find plenty of interesting things about it, especially if you understand what a DAO does and how much DigixDAO has in their DAO. I'm not going to do your homework for you, but my best hint is that reddit has a lot of infomation and previous discussion about it.

I'm planning to share my full investment thesis on DGD hopefully by sometime in mid January.

Anyway, Merry Cryptmas again!


  1. Just curious, DGX is equivalent to 1 gram of gold and DGX is about $180 while gold is $42/g??

    1. Hi VW,

      You are slighty confused.

      DGX is the gold token that is equal to 1g of gold. It has not launched... yet.

      DGD is the governance token of the DAO that issues those DGX gold tokens... and collect fees with regards to its usage. Hmmmm. Haha.

      Happy crypto researching!

  2. Hi gmgh
    Is dgx already up in exchange? It seems delayed n still undergoing audits? D u get in via ico?

    1. Hi Darryl,


      I'm expecting a release in Q1 2018, likely the tail end of Feb or Mar.

  3. Hey GMGH i too agree that a stable coin is needed more than ever in the crypto community. Any thoughts on DAI gaining a first mover advantage VS the repeated delays in digix getting the dgx out?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      DAI has a very strong proposition with it being pegged to the USD. For users, whether it is USDT or DAI would make no difference and it would be very easy to accept.

      However the creation of DAI is a problem. I think it is beyond the capabilities of the average crypto user. How it is pegged to USD without actually having any USD in the equation is another complicated feat to explain to people.

      I actually think that as a user, I would prefer DAI. But DGD has plenty of partnerships to proliferate their DGX token throughout the ecosystem and have a much simpler "yeah its backed by the gold here, in this vault" explanation that is easy to understand.

      I'm actually slightly skeptical of the scale and adoption that DGD can reach, but given its very low downside risks and that it basically functions as a discounted ETH proxy now, I'm expecting to either profit a bit or profit a lot from its failure or success respectively.

      With my entry below 0.2 ETH per DGD, I feel that I am in a riskless position.

    2. Hi GMGH,

      Thanks! I really appreciate that you always put effort and thought into your replies. I've actually been following your blog for the past few years way before crypto days and if you don't mind me saying i have noticed that you really have a fondness for/biasness towards gold;) not that it's a bad thing but i don't how much of the new economy will share this affection.

      the makerdao team currently seems much more prominent and i feel have much more traction going on than the digixdao team. even the subreddits for digixdao has been so silent recently...makes me wonder whether they'll be on track for the dgx launch this quarter. i guess i'm just really surprised that dgd weighs so heavily in your portfolio with so much uncertainty. would you consider divesting some dgd into mkr given that mkr actually already has a working product being launched?

  4. Hi GMGH
    May I know what platform do you use to buy DGD? Thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I am also worried with the lack of community engagement with digixdao. Their reddit is completely dead, no engagement whatsoever from the dgd holders.

    Just found your blog btw, its hilarious :).


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