Wednesday, December 27, 2017

My 1st Crypto FOMO

I have got to say, I am usually very cool headed and reserved when to comes to investing.

But, I have to admit that I recently did something very dirty that even I am ashamed of: I went to FOMO buy into a crypto at all time highs, AFTER it already went up 3,000% in a month.

I really don't do these kind of things.

But when I came across the project again (first saw it at the start of December), I dived in deeper and I came out blown away at the technology and the progress of it.

Is this something I'll regret? Maybe. Buying into rips at all time highs is definitely a terrible idea.

However, I think that the medium term outlook of this crypto is EXTREMELY rosy. I'm looking at about lowball estimates of 50-150% returns depending on my entry. Realistic estimates is closer to 200-400%. And the ridiculous moon estimate? 800-1300%.

Of course, it's all just crystal balls and hocus pocus, so hey, maybe tomorrow it tanks 50%.

Obviously, I'll be buying the damn dip.

I have never been so bullish on a crypto for such a long time since Ethereum and DigixDAO.

For public safety reasons, I WILL NOT BE DISCLOSING THIS CRYPTO. Of course, for the more experienced crypto vets, I think it would be easy enough for you guys to reference coinmarketcap and find it almost immediately.

However bullish I am fundamentally, nothing goes up in a straight line and too many people are holding onto to too much profits in this. I would expect a dump soon to clear out the people who just bought without actually know what it is and are taking profit from the insane gains, but dips will be bought.

Good luck, stay safe. Welcome to crypto.


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  2. Can it be RaiBlocks?

  3. I think i know which one u r talking about. I just bought in as well. But only a tiny portion when the price dipped a little. Will buy more when it dips more (hopefully it does)

  4. found, will research. Thanks!


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