Sunday, December 17, 2017

SMRT Feedback has $8 mil SGD in Bitcoins

Holy shit, lol.

And you know what? I believe them.

They came out with their guidebook on cyber security and online anonymity a long time ago and that was actually *THE* thing that got me into researching more about my digital footprint and my own security.

One thing led to another and that all lay the foundations for me discovering many of the things I know now, and it has definitely helped me understand why Bitcoin was so popular in the darkwebs where it first thrived and that has of course help me understand cryptos as intimately as I do now. Of course, Bitcoin has lost its place in the darkwebs since it is only pseudo-anonymous, while other crypto like Monero is becoming the defacto crypto there. Sounds like gibberish to normal people, but I understand all of these things now, thanks to these guys right here.

I have nowhere as many Bitcoins as The Vigilanteh, but I am extremely grateful to these guys for planting to seeds of knowledge into my brain a long time ago, which in turn led me down this glorious path of riches.

It *might* be a bubble. I'm gonna be rich AF riding it up.

When the rest of you guys are finally convinced that it isn't a bubble after people start buying houses and shit and retire at 30 with cryptos and decide to come in?

That's probably when I'll be exiting.

Because then it's probably a bubble.


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