Sunday, January 14, 2018

FUD and Shill, Pump and Dump

These days, everything is a FUD or a shill.

Talk positively about something? Shill.
Talk negatively about something? FUD.

The kids (literally) in crypto are too emotionally attached to some of their holdings.

So screw it. I decided I can't save them all from buying into stupid shit.


And why should I?
Do you know how much money I get from people NOT buying into any of them?

All I can hope is that they managed to get in early and sell before it (eventually) tanks. Ain't nobody said that you can only make money from good coins. I acknowledge that fact. Stupid shit can still make money. It's just not my style though. Good luck for you if it is yours.

Based on CMC stats in fiat, 
XRP is down 51%
TRX is down 66%
XVG is down 42%

Rinse, repeat.
Pump, dump.

The cycle continues.

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