Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Gotta Love Me Some Crypto Dip

Seriously guys, look at me buy the dip.

I know that you don't want to, because crypto is super expensive and it's all going to crash to zero later anyway once the governments start regulating and outlawing it, right? /s

Maybe I'm crazy and crypto really is "crashing"? Lol, probably not tho.

Can it drop more? Yeah maybe, why not? I will probably be buying more if it does.

Anyway, here's my knife catching today:

And yes, 22 UTC is Singapore 6am.

I wonder what happened the other time right after the dip. Oh, I remember now.

In that post I said that I'm expecting BTC to drop 60% from ATHs. How deep was it last week? -54% is pretty darn close.

It's an easy strategy. Your relatives, friends, corlicks are all trying to get their accounts open and verified to pump crypto. Are you scared? I'm not.

Scared money don't make money.

PSA: Cryptos dangerous af. If you don't believe me, register at Binance to lose money really quick playing with alts. Lol.

Edit: Decided to add the tickers here below so that readers can compare the current price right now.

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  1. i hope you dont BTFD until deep under bedok reservoir. for every instance you catch the failing knives and it recovers, its same as noobs buying in the bull mkt.. sooner or later the butcher knive will come down and chop your hand

    1. I mean, that narrative does sound scary.

      But a butcher knife's dropping down and chopping 50% isn't really scary if you're up like 500% before that.

  2. Hi there author! Which crypto agent bot is the best in your opinion? I need to make my crypto investments more stable. You know what situation is today :( Thanks for your advice!


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