Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Aaaaaaaand it's gone

My face opening up the warchest and remitting USD to Gemini

Rushing to log into Gemini after getting an email notification that my deposit is in

Firing up TradingView and to chart in an entry

And then frantically looking for the dip. WHERE IS THE DIP?

Finally realizing that I didn't even have to do anything.

The crypto market cap had dropped 66% from 832M to 279M.
Some crypto were down 60%, others were as bad as 90% down.
At the lowest point during this whole period, I was still in profits.

This was and is a period of great cleansing.
To weed out the speculators (playing on margin).
To weed out the people who didn't even know what they were buying.
And to transfer all those cheap crypto to people that know what is up.

My holdings for almost every crypto has increased across the board during this extermination.
The weak have been purged and expunged from our ranks and only the strong remain to push forward.

R.I.P. weak hands

Fingers still crossed for more 1 dip with heavy volume. If it drops and I get to buy the dip, I'll be happy. If we go up and my portfolio explodes, I'll also be happy.

Your move.

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