Monday, March 26, 2018

I lost 40% this Crypto Crash

Portfolio is so rekt right now guys.

These days, I cry myself to sleep every night.

I was stupidly buying the dip.

From $740 to $686, I kept buying it as it went lower and lower.

Started dipping into my warchest finally and was buying from $645 and lower as prices tanked.

I managed to sink in 2 well placed shots at $466 and $487 at the spike down. Not sure if its good enough.

Now I've accumulated plenty of positions in the $512 to $540 range.

I don't know what came over me to make me buy the dip. Why would I do such a stupid thing?

My newly injected fresh capital is dragging down returns. My returns would be higher if I wasn't so itchy to buy the dip.

My portfolio is down 40% from ATH.
(Crypto markets is down 60% from ATH, Bitcoin is down 58%, Ethereum is down 63%)

I only have 157% profits right now.

Rekt portfolio is rekt.

I don't know how much more pain I can take.

I've resorted to doing arbitrage and I only managed to make $6000 the last few days. Will it be enough to save me?

This kind of low return is making me regret my decision to get into crypto.

If the market drops another 60% from here, I'm screwed.

If Bitcoin goes under $3300 and Ethereum under $200, my capital will finally be at risk.

Please hodl me, I'm scared.

Source: Stonetoss


  1. I have been a supporter of your blog ever since I stumbled upon it, you are really humorous haha. I am buying the dip together with you, cya at the crypto front!

  2. well thought and written

  3. Better than buying Noble at 1cent ... still waiting for it...

    I only got a few K in BTC & ETH ... mainly from mid-to-late 2017 ... treating it as 1st hand lesson in cryptos & blockchain... waiting for it to either collapse to zero or cash out in 2030 LOL!!

  4. Totally feel you bro....can never catch a falling knives but I also believe this is a good time to accumulate some good coins and hang in for the ride!

  5. I am in same boat. I went into Ripple at the high of 2.80 & my trades all dead in the water. I already given up hope, cannot even cut loss as mine was a going long trade.!! !

  6. So you lost a significant chunk of your paper gain. lololol

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