Saturday, March 31, 2018

When Lambo?

I'll be really busy the next week or 2, basically a forced hodl for me.

But I've some drafts near completion that I can post if I have the time to finish cleaning them up.

Seriously though, a lambo in SG?
I rather take half of its value in cold hard cash.
10% discount if you can pay by crypto.
Extra 5% discount if it's Monero.

Btw, I opened (yet another) long position at $378.
I've also opened my first ever *crypto leveraged long* at $377.
Stop loss under $150.
Come and get it boys.

I really don't like using leverage, but these kind of opportunities don't come too often.

What's the worst that could happen guys? Just lose money lor.


  1. Nothing yet till it is. I am buying too. I don't want to be blaming myself for not buying somewhere in the future. I hv been buying every dip since from 8K. But these buy are on eth(60%),dgd, and xmr. Good luck to us.


    1. Hey Victor,

      DCA into strong fundamentals cryptos is a decent long term strategy in my opinion. BTC, ETH and XMR are examples of good ones.

      Personally, I have stopped accumulating DGD since it's price in ETH went up. It is past my fair valuation, but I will always hold some. Unlike pure currencies, DGD is very much more fundamentally driven, so it's valuation range is more narrow and rational. It is not something that you can slowly buy at any price and still profit from, so be careful, especially if your position in DGD is not a minor one.


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