Saturday, May 5, 2018

Crypto Portfolio Apr 2018 Report Card

From 1st Apr to 31th Apr, my crypto portfolio went up 48.8%.

To be honest, +48% in Apr is rather weak. Most other players in the space would've probably seen much larger gains during this same period. But then again, I did outperform during the crash, so it makes sense for my portfolio to bounce back less during the recovery.

And yes, throughout this massive crash, not even for a second did my portfolio go close to touching my capital value. For most part of it, I was comfortably coasting in the triple digit % profits.

However, on the bloodiest day itself, I saw my % profit dip to levels not seen in quite a while. That was the sign for me.

I leveraged in.

That leverage position is doing extremely well. If I close that position right now, I'll be pocketing 5 digits profits.

But I'm both greedy and extremely confident that the worst is over - at least to those levels that we saw right at the start of the month.

I'm going to keep my leveraged position open, and perhaps close it a few years down the road for a 6 digit profit. Worried for me about the cost of keeping such a position open? 0.5% per year. Chump change compared to the amount of profits I have already made and will be making. That's the beauty of the Maker system.


I'm not going to do monthly report cards often.
The returns are too sick and unreal.
They don't make sense and aren't meaningful.
It's ridiculous.

From my 2017 review, my portfolio is up in both SGD$ and ETH. Yes, I'm doing better now than back then. Mind you, global crypto marketcap has DROPPED 25% during that same period.

Plus, you all also know that I'm pretty much all in. That means...

So me doing this weird crypto tulip ponzi scam nonsense bullshit?

Fantastic so far.

I wrote a list of like 10 things that is showing the pace of both progress within the industry and acceptance from outside the industry, but I deleted all of it. Why? At this point, if you're not convinced, you never will be. And I don't give a shit because I don't get anything from you participating in crypto, or not. Instead, I get crap about how I will eventually be proven wrong and this whole thing is a sham.

And that is totally fine. You can think whatever you want. You can do whatever you want. You don't need to jump on every opportunity, and you shouldn't unless you know what you are doing.

Go read more Warren Buffet books and buy Apple stock or something.
(looks like the top to me, but hey what do I know about traditional markets, I'm just a crypto pleb)

And for all my skeptics getting ready to blast away in the comments section, you might want to reserve your comments to tell me to "just wait and see" for a later time. I've already drafted and saved even more annoying and triggering posts for the future, so you might not want to use up all your ammo so fast.


  1. At least the old fuddy duddies will have something to look forward to.

    Crypto's a leading indicator for stocks. Maybe another 10% or 20% for the old codgers lol.

    Well, if they already got $2 $3 million ... 20% will be very good liao.

  2. pass 10k btc and one more pullback and then we will see a springcoil jump to next all-time-high. All-in at pullback then or suck thumb later


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