Thursday, May 31, 2018

How To Lose 99% in Cryptos in 3 months

Step 1

Don't read articles by this egotistical blogger like this one warning about shitty ICOs.

Step 2

Choose a project based on amount of bonus tokens.
Only the best of the best projects give bonus tokens.
More bonus, more betterer, right? The betterest, I believe.

Step 3

Make sure that the CEO of this tech company and blockchain project actually doesn't understand technology by ensuring his last LinkedIn activity was 4 years ago and his last twitter activity was 3 months ago.

Step 4

Confirm that the project is
- targeting a very niche segment of users
- who will not pay for any services

This is to ensures minimum revenue, cashflow and profits.

Step 6

Skip the whitepaper, except the part on the token's lack of utility.
This is important because if the token is actually not redundant, it might have value.

Step 7

If possible, join a pool.

Pooling is the best because it means that every single plebian can get the maximum bonus at the lowest price.

Then you can dump on all the whales who will be buying it on the secondary market!

Step 8

Send your donation, oops, I mean investment in!

Step 9

Wait 3 months.

Step 10

You've done it!


You managed to lose 99%!

Be proud of yourself. It's not easy to pick a project like that out of all the hundreds of ICOs out there. It takes real skill to select a project like that. This kind of accuracy comes with skill, not luck.

You are da real MVP.

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