Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Special Offer! Get divorced to get another HDB! Wait, What?!

I saw this article, and I was pretty amazed.

A couple divorced so that they could get another HDB and rent out their existing one. Heh.

The loopholes in our system are so big and open to exploit if you don't mind to play the system.

Let me help you weigh the pros and cons since we are both intelligent creatures of reason:

- No longer married on paper, boo hoo hoo oh how tragic and sad

- You can get another HDB so you can rent out your previous one

Sure, there's like spousal rights and privileges that they give up, but, meh. Trivial.


I still maintain that "marriage" is just a status. You don't become more loving, loyal, faithful and kind to your spouse the second after you sign the piece of paper. It's all in your head.

Perhaps some people need some arbitrary authority to mandate to them "proper" things that they should do when they love someone, and "improper" things they should not do when they love someone. And of course, to give them the start date to begin doing these new things. Because everyone knows that before you get married you can be a cheating jerk, but after that you must be a loving spouse because - you know - the magical power of marriage. /s

It is my personal belief that it's just a label.

It looks like this couple have realized that the "status" of marriage comes with no special magical super love powers, and that it's actually more practical to *OH GAWD HORRORS OF HORRORS* to divorce and be LABELLED single.

Yes, that bit was super sarcasm, in case it flew over your head.

Is this move morally ethical? Meh. The rules are there and they played by it. In my books, what they did is totally fine and legal. I guess I'm not going to be a supreme court judge anytime soon, eh?

Financially, it makes more sense.

Relationship-wise, it'll make no difference. It might even become more positive with a fresh home and nice rental income rolling in.

I find it interesting that in this particular situation, there was a "cost" to being married and a benefit to being labelled single.

Extremely amusing. We live in such interesting times.

All right, now let's watch the divorces rates for couples after 35 to start spiking up. Finally, a good excuse to get rid of the ol' chain and ball, eh? GMGH got your back.

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  1. Was marketed by some property agents after 2013 when HDB tightened the transfer rule.

    Previously, de-coupling involved just transferring the HDB flat from joint ownership to sole ownership. Now HDB disallows this for couples who are still married.

    Of course, need spare cash to top back up the CPF of the person who is no longer owner of the original flat.

    In the above example, no problem coz all along it was mainly just the husband who was using his CPF for the flat. Wife's CPF not touched.

    However in the example, the woman is now legally more vulnerable as the man can simply walk away from the relationship, leaving her with a HDB mortgage and unable to rent out, and also without any share of the matrimonial flat.


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