Sunday, May 27, 2018

Why Can't We Print More Money?

Government running out of money?


Seriously, what could possibly go wrong?

Wait, GMGH, are you being sarcastic?

I'm so confused right now.


  1. The open secret trick is to print just enough money not to have runaway inflation ... about 2% is optimal. Central banks pay close attention to the market / marketable yields of govt bonds and the bid-to-cover of new or re-issuance.

    They will make money more precious by reducing / reversing bond issuance, accelerating maturities, reducing longer term debt, increasing rates etc.

    Any drastic deviation from the above strategies mainly means drastic conditions e.g. war or worldwide famine, or high-level ineptitude or fraud.

    By the time money gets to the stage in Venezuela or even Turkey, do you think the elites still have most of their wealth in their currency?!?! LOL!!

    It's only the normal man-in-the-street that will suffer.

  2. That's where cryptos currency come into focus.


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