Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Why Crypto-Securities will be YUUUGGEEE


This whole damn post, that's why.

You can either go, "Meh, stupid blog post with a link to another article. I'm not going to read it."

Or you can click it, read it, and then later go, "Oh shit, HOW DO I INVEST IN THIS?".

Sometimes I don't know what it would take to get people convinced that this whole cypto hocus pocus tulip nonsense thing is here to stay.

A lot of people don't realize that we are STILL in extremely early stages of crypto technology. What can crypto be used for, today, right now? Speculating, pretty much that's it. But use cases and applications are being built out right now and when they are ready for mainstream adoptions, it's gonna be huge.

What was smartphones 15 years ago? Nothing.
Can you even go 15 minutes without looking at your smartphone today?
You might even be reading this post off your smartphone!

I feel a lot of people in the space now are super overestimating the actual usage and utility of crypto right now, and are massively underestimating the usage and utility of crypto in 5 years time.

Assets will be tokenized. Securities will be tokenized.

Not because I say so, but because it doesn't make sense NOT to do it if and when the technology to do so becomes feasible. And it is rapidly approaching that threshold.


  1. so wouldn't polymath be a good investment? thought long time it's a scam..

    1. I have looked into Polymath and I have not invested in it. I don't think their idea is particularly great. From my understanding, it can be copied and their token function ripped away and just directly deployed and bypass the need for them entirely.

  2. Eh when assets and securities are tokenised the underlying value will come from them not the token.

    How much do you think the token should be valued? For presumably facilitating transactions. 1% 3% 10%?


    1. Of course, the value will come from the underlying asset.

      The token security would be valued the exact same way that non-tokenized version of it would be.

      However, there may be some utility and liquidity benefits of being tokenized that can boost its value, but I don't think that such a premium would be large.

  3. https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/opinion/long-term-outlook-on-blockchain-and-cryptocurrencies-is-bright

  4. Hi GMGH,

    I would like to ask how do you withdraw USD funds from Gemini exchange without incurrning charges? I tried to remit USD100 back to my DBS Account and was charged.. :(

    1. Hi Cheryl, when you are transferring fiat around internationally through banks, there are bound to be a lot of friction from transaction fees. With a $100 base, you will likely lose a big chunk of that just paying for fees, which are usually fixed to a certain value, and then scale up and become a % of the transaction amount.

      In the past, I have used Coinbase + Xfers to cash out with no friction on the fiat side. I believe that you can use Coinhako + Xfers to do something similar. Gemini is only optimal for larger amounts.


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