Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Bitmex CEO Podcast

Really really good podcast by the CEO of the biggest Bitcoin exchange by volume who was previously a banker in Hong Kong.

Yes, Bitmex. The exchange that allows you to go X100 on a position, to unleash your true degen form.

This is a podcast where I found myself nodding in agreement regarding how simple trading strategies that have been completely eliminated in the traditional world still works extremely well in the crypto space. The past month I've made over 10 ETH manually arbing by executing by hand - so I can confirm that this is true. Obviously, opportunities like that will narrow and disappear as the space matures.

In the tail end part of the podcast, he talks about government issued digital currencies and I find his view to be extremely similar to mine - where crypto runs parallel as an alternative to crypto-fiat, instead of total replacement. Hence, my personal bias towards censorship-resistance and privacy to counter the surveillance and restriction of movement issues that will be coming.

His take on most current ICOs being "total dogshit" is same as mine - I am extremely selective for the ICOs that I personally take part in. I have also been echoing the view that the current shift of most ICO allocations being swallowed up by VCs doing SAFTs will get them rekt. I really detest the way that a lot of projects are going about with their ICOs recently.

This is one of the best podcasts that I've heard and it reinforces a lot of my views. Maybe mid month I can push out and share a post to be just in time for a nice mid year recap with all the knowledge I've been accumulating so far.

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