Saturday, June 16, 2018

Quick Updates

Crypto markets are dropping and I'm busy wearing my helmet catching falling knives.

Lots of interesting progress are being made on the tech front. Lots of trash also raising obscene amounts of money.

I'm rather busy doing a few personal crypto projects.

Things ought to be quiet on my front for a bit while I busy myself making money.

I shall report back triumphantly about my endeavours as I'm done with each of them.

One week on and I'm already at 1% of my $50,000 goal. Steady as she goes.

$500 in a week from clicking here and there, best sidejob ever lol. Also, it's been a slow week. Things ought to pick up next week, heh.


  1. Do you still think DGD is a good investment? It is cheaper then 4x eth now

    1. Hey Renbo,

      I think that DGD at this ETH price is at very good valuations. If I had more idle ETH, I would buy more DGD. Unfortunately, I've been tying up liquidity in trades and projects and I don't have any to spare, or else I would probably be increasing my DGD exposure after having reduced so much previously.

    2. I see, what other projects then HAVVEN have you invested in now? HAVVEN just dipped a lot, buying opportunity?

    3. Are you still holding your PAY token? Seems like a dead horse now a days, i consider my investment in that project a donation and the token the certificate of that donation ;P....


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