Thursday, October 3, 2019

Can I Outperform the "Market" with my Crypto USD savings account?

I know, I haven't had any content in a while.

Anyway, I've been thinking of this idea, funding 2 crypto "savings" accounts with $1000 USD each and then watch as I outperform everyone else without even breaking a sweat, taking only black swan risks, and have almost no liquidity issues.

Should I do it?


I'm thinking of throwing 1000 USDC into Celsius, and 1000 DAI into Compound / Idle Finance.

Data from loanscan

8-9% APR with minute/daily interest payouts and no withdrawal penalties or restrictions?

I'm sure most of you are asking yourselves "is this a scam?!?!", lol.

Anyway, I've been busy making money, so maybe when I'm more free?

I'm open to suggestions for what I should use as the benchmark. I suppose maybe a 100% STI ETF portfolio to amp up those risks so that returns might have a chance to be comparable until there is a risk-event. Is there a local REITs benchmark? I know all you "passive investors" love REITs, heh.

The general crypto market has come down, but guess what? I'm still doing great, lol!


  1. new to all this cryptocurrency thingy. heard it has dropped to the 8000 support zone and is a good buy by many experts out there. Some even draw a parallel co-relation with the US indices, if one goes up, the other follows. Now, this loan thing you talking about that offers interest is even more advanced to me. Please share what is the minimum investible amount required ? What are the likely risks involved? Do we need to pay tax on the gain ? And which platform can I used ? thanks

    1. many "experts" eh? lol. all bullshit imo, but that's just my PoV.

      1) no minimum
      2) a lot of risks
      3) check with IRAS
      4) you can see platforms on

  2. You should absolutely do it! Might even get a good boost from the exchange rate along the way.

    For REITs, maybe you can go up against one of the few REIT ETFs, would be a decent comparison.

  3. Compunding with DAI has been a super hot topic recently. with crypto space doing more of loaning/financing, we have more choices like compounding. Now i am at MCO, but so sad the crypto earn does not allow singapore to lock USDT for 8%.

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